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At Central West Drone Services we provide professional, cost effective drone solutions to a number of industries and private clients.

Aerial Photography

Drone photography offers a distinctive view that we are rarely able to access as humans. From real estate and tourism marketing to sport and event coverage we can provide stunning photos that will capture the attention of your customers or audience. Time lapse photos from the air can also document progress on construction projects and other changing environments. 

Video Production

Whether you want a complete video package or just some aerial shots to augment your own production, we can capture unique and stunning footage. We have a range of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that all possess unique flight characteristics and are able to be used for a wide variety of applications. Our experienced in-house editing means a professional product can be delivered quickly, and it is easy to implement feedback and changes throughout the post-production process.

Inspection Services

Drones are extremely efficient at capturing images for inspection purposes across many sectors, including water, oil and gas, mining, energy, communication and construction. Traditional methods for inspection are expensive and involve risk to workers performing the task. Drones can perform these inspection tasks in a cost effective and safe manner. Videos can also be streamed live to the experts sitting in a control room to help them make instant decisions. 


We are currently working with schools and universities in the area providing short and long format education packages that engage with many areas of iSTEM. From introductory courses to designing, building and coding a drone from scratch, our programs are exciting, challenging and engaging. We will even be hosting interschool drone racing events as the culmination of our more advanced subjects. Get your school involved today.

Tuition and Repairs

We provide a range of services to drone owners both private and commercial. We can train you in any aspect of drone ownership, from piloting and maintaining your craft to safety and legislation. We can also repair your drone if it has suffered a crash or worn out and provide build services if you have bought a build it yourself drone.


If you have ever considered using drones in your business, but are unsure about your options, how licensing works and operational costs, we can help. We can come to you and provide you with all the relevant information and links to everything you need. 

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